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Warwood Tool

Cross Pein Driving Hammer

Cross Pein Driving Hammer

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Cross pein hammers have a striking face on one end of the head and a pein perpendicular to the handle on the other. In blacksmithing, where cross pein hammers are an indispensable tool, the pein is used mainly for drawing out and spreading material.

This particular version features a round hole through the head on the pein side that is used by linemen to screw threaded metal steps into wooden poles. The point of the threaded step is “started” into the pole with the striking face. Then the hole in the head is slipped over the bent end of the step, and the length of the hammer handle provides leverage to screw the step into the pole by hand.

The Warwood Tool Cross Pein Driving Hammer weighs 3 lbs. and features a round, polished, chamfered striking face and a beveled pein. Drop-forged from premium, high-carbon steel, with a 16” American hickory handle, it is built for a lifetime of service.

Proudly made to the highest standards in West Virginia from U.S.-sourced steel by hard-working Americans, Warwood tools represent a superior value when compared with imported alternatives.

  • Drop-forged, carbon steel head
  • 3 lb. head
  • Warwood Blue finish
  • Configurations
    • Tool only
    • 16” American hickory handle
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