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Trail Builder's Bundle

Trail Builder's Bundle

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Forest Adze Hoe (Handle Options)
Railroad Clay Pick (Handle Options)
Pulaski Axe (Handles)

LIMITED SUPPLY! Order yours while supplies last. 

Introducing the ultimate companion for trail builders and enthusiasts alike: the Trail Builder's Bundle from Warwood Tool. Includes: Clay Pick, Forest Adze Hoe, Pulaski Axe and Square Point Ballast Shovel.

Crafted with precision and pride in the USA, this bundle combines four essential tools tailored to meet the demands of trail construction and maintenance.

  1. Railroad Clay Pick: Designed for breaking up tough terrain and digging through challenging surfaces, the Railroad Clay Pick is a versatile tool that ensures efficient progress on any trail project.

  2. Forest Adze Hoe: Tackle overgrowth and vegetation with ease using the Forest Adze Hoe. Its sharp blade and sturdy construction make it perfect for clearing brush and roots, ensuring a clean and well-defined trail path.

  3. Pulaski Axe: The Pulaski Axe is the ultimate multitool for trail building. With its combination of an axe blade and an adze, it's ideal for chopping, digging, and shaping, making quick work of any obstacle in your path.

  4. Ballast Shovel: Constructed for durability and reliability, the Ballast Shovel is designed to handle heavy-duty digging and moving of materials. Whether you're clearing debris or shaping the trail surface, this shovel is up to the task.

Whether you're a professional trail builder or a passionate outdoor enthusiast, the Trail Builder's Bundle provides you with the tools you need to create and maintain trails with precision and efficiency. Invest in quality, invest in American-made tools from Warwood Tool. Order your bundle today and take your trail-building endeavors to the next level.

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