The Perfect Axe

The Perfect Axe

Return of an Icon: That is the only way to describe the revival of the Perfect Axe.

A symbol of American Axe history. The Perfect Axe is distinguished by its iconic bevels, or "cheeks", layered into the steel and first produced by William Kelly.

In 1885 the original patent was issued for what was named the Kelly Perfect Axe. This axe was heavier and overall more square in design than our latest creation, but we are very confident that once you swing our axe you'll love the improvements we have made.

Virtually every detail in this axe was carefully chosen to create a product worthy of the mantle "Perfect". The 2.25 lb Warwood Tool Perfect Axe is available in limited quantities and can be handled with choice of 19" or 28" waxed hickory handles to create the Perfect House Axe or Boys Axe.  Hand-forged from premium, 5160 high-carbon U.S. steel and 100% made in the USA, Warwood tools represent a tradition of excellence reaching back nearly 170 years.

The Perfect Axe is only the beginning of a long journey to create America's Best axes. The 2.25 lb axe with be the first of up to three different sized Perfect Axes. Second, the Perfect axe is one of at least two different, and iconic, axes patterns that we are bringing back.

New information will be posted as it becomes available on our Instagram page so be sure to give us a follow to stay up to date. To learn even more, please see the documentation compiled by Tom Lamond on his website here.

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