Pride with American Craftsmanship

Warwood Tools are designed for the demanding challenges of the Oil & Gas industry and are meticulously hammer-forged in the USA. Explore our range of tools, including the renowned pick axe, mattock, post hole digger, and digging bar, all crafted to elevate your Oil & Gas operations with superior quality and durability.


Forged in West Virginia
On the banks of the Ohio River, in the same factory we’ve occupied since 1907, hardworking Americans still use a time-tested, labor-intensive manufacturing process to turn premium US-sourced steel and hickory into what we believe are the best hand tools available.
Made with High-Grade USA steel
Warwood Tool's commitment to using high-grade USA steel ensures unmatched quality, durability, and reliability in their tools, embodying a dedication to American craftsmanship and setting a standard for excellence in the industry.
Crafted by Hardworking Americans
By exclusively employing hardworking Americans in the crafting and forging of their hand tools, Warwood Tool not only supports local communities but also ensures a commitment to craftsmanship, quality, and a strong work ethic, embodying the spirit of American manufacturing excellence.
Since 1854, Warwood Tool has helped shape our nation’s history.

From coal mining tools that helped fuel the Industrial Revolution to railroad and other tools used to build the US transportation infrastructure, to our famous entrenching mattock used extensively in World Wars I and II for digging fox holes and trenches, Warwood Tool has been trusted by generations of hard-working Americans. 

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