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Track Chisel - Round Cutter

Track Chisel - Round Cutter

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Traditionally used in combination with a sledge to score and cut railroad rails in the field, the Track Chisel is designed and manufactured according to AREMA Plan #17.

With a Track Chisel, a worker scores the head and web of the rail where the cut is needed. When the rail is hit with a sledge, it breaks cleanly. The chisel can be struck with a sledge or swung. Forged from Grade B alloy steel for exceptional tensile, shear, and fatigue strength, the Warwood Track Chisel features a hardened, tempered, hand-ground 1-3/8” cutting blade and weighs 5-1/2 lb. It can be purchased as a tool only, or with a 24” American hickory handle or a 36” American hickory handle with our proprietary safety grip.

Every quality Warwood tool is proudly made in the U.S.A. by American workers with premium American steel — the same way we’ve done it for more than 165 years.

Designed to meet or exceed AREMA Plan #17-08

  • Drop-forged Grade B alloy steel head
  • Clear lacquer finish
  • 5-1/2 lb. weight
  • Rounded 1-3/8” cutting blade
  • Configurations
    • Tool only
    • 24” American hickory handle
    • 36” American hickory handle with proprietary safety grip
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