Henry Warwood - The Founder

Henry Warwood - The Founder

Henry Warwood was born on February 23, 1823 in Staffordshire, England, the son of William Warwood, a skilled English toolmaker. Henry began work at nine years of age and received a limited education as a child, but he went to night school while employed at the local factory.

At age 25, Henry immigrated to the United States where he worked primarily in Western Pennsylvania tool factories. Below is likely to be the only surviving photograph of Henry Warwood and his wife Mary.


In 1854, Henry relocated to Martins Ferry, Ohio. It was here that he established a garden rake business which ultimately developed into a successful tool making business (specializing in tools for the mining industry). This was known as Warwood Tool Company.

Warwood's customers and peers noted that, "His Coal Pick Is Regarded Among Miners As The Standard Of Excellence."

ground broken for warwood tool company - 1904


In 1892, Warwood Tool Company relocated across the river to Wheeling, West Virginia, where they began construction on what was, at the time, one of the largest manufacturing facilities in the nation. Business operations began at this new location in 1905, and as the farm land around the factory was converted into homes and other businesses, the town of Warwood was formed. The decision to build the factory, which we still operate in after 118 years, is attributed to Walker Peterson who is depicted in the below cartoon from a local newspaper column in 1904.


Throughout its nearly 170-year existence, Warwood Tool has positively contributed to the economic, political, and social successes of its employees, neighbors, customers, and local citizens.

We are both humbled and excited to announce that February 23, 2023, which marks the bicentennial of Henry Warwood's birth, will be known each year forward as "Henry Warwood Day" in the City of Wheeling.


We cannot write this without giving credit to Peg Brennan and Chuck Julian who dedicated many hours into researching the history of the man Henry Warwood, his descendants, and the Company itself. It was because of their great work in preserving these photos and records that this new Day is possible.

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