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2 lb Straight Pein Driving Hammer

2 lb Straight Pein Driving Hammer

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Less widely used than cross pein hammers but equally effective in many applications, straight pein hammers have a pein (the end of the head opposite the striking face) oriented parallel to the handle.

In blacksmithing, the pein is used to draw out and spread material, particularly in situations where a cross pein hammer would put the smith’s knuckles close to hot metal.

Cross pein hammers are also commonly used for general heavy hammering duties, striking punches and chisels, driving stakes, and breaking and shaping stone and masonry. The Straight Pein Driving Hammer’s round, chamfered face strikes hard but safely, and the beveled pein minimizes marking of workpieces.

Top-quality, U.S.-sourced high carbon steel and American hickory make this a lifetime tool. Since 1854, Warwood has proudly made the world’s finest forged tools for the railroad, mining, construction, oil and gas, agriculture, forestry and fire fighting industries.

  • Drop-forged, carbon steel head
  • 3 lb. head
  • Warwood Blue finish
  • Configurations
    • Tool only
    • 16” American hickory handle
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