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36" Double Bit Axe Handle

36" Double Bit Axe Handle

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Compatible with most double bit axes but designed specifically for a Warwood Tool Pulaski Axe. This 36” American hickory handle is sized to closely match the shape of the Pulaski’s eye, making it easy to re-handle your tool. Available with or without our proprietary safety grip.

**Please note that handle purchases are non-refundable. Please email or call us if you need assistance finding the right handle.**

Crafted from premium American Hickory, this handle is designed to exceed expectations.

Meeting the rigorous standards of the National Fire Equipment System (NFES) Specification, our replacement handle guarantees compatibility and reliability with your Pulaski Axe. With a length of 36 inches, it provides the ideal balance of control and leverage for efficient use in any situation.

Each handle comes complete with a plastic wedge, meticulously crafted to meet NFES Specification Constructed from high-quality PVC plastic, our wedges ensure a secure and lasting connection between the tool head and handle, enhancing safety and performance on the job.

Built to withstand the toughest conditions, our American Hickory handle offers exceptional durability and resilience, ensuring long-lasting use in the field. Whether you're battling wildfires, clearing trails, or tackling outdoor projects, trust in the unmatched quality of Warwood Tool to deliver superior results every time.

Upgrade your Pulaski Axe with the Warwood Tool 36" Replacement Handle and experience the difference precision engineering makes. Backed by our commitment to excellence, this handle is built to handle whatever challenges come your way.

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