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Cold Cutting Chisel

Cold Cutting Chisel

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A traditional blacksmithing tool that has found many other uses — particularly in automotive and body shops — the Cold Cutting Chisel is used to cut, shape and remove cold metal.

Its hardened, tempered, hand-ground 1-1/2” bit cuts through bolts, screws, chain links, and bar stock; splits seized nuts; trims sheet metal; chips welding flux, and much more. The striking face opposite the cutting bit can be struck with a hammer or sledge. Our Cold Cutting Chisel weighs 3 lbs., measures 6-7/8” from bit to striking face, and is available with a 16” hickory or fiberglass handle.

Crafted with American steel and American hickory in Wheeling, West Virginia, Warwood tools represent almost two centuries of tradition.

  • Drop-forged, carbon steel head
  • 3 lb. weight
  • Straight 1-1/2” cutting edge
  • Warwood blue finish
  • Configurations
    • Tool only
    • 16” American hickory handle
    • 16” American hickory handle with proprietary safety grip
    • 16” fiberglass handle
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