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Cross Pein Sledge

Cross Pein Sledge

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One of the fundamental forging tools for blacksmiths, the cross pein hammer has a striking face on one end of the head and a pein perpendicular to the handle on the other. The pein is used mainly for drawing out and spreading material.

Heavier cross pein hammers are also widely used for shaping brick and stone, heavy hammering in auto repair and other shops, striking cold chisels and punches, driving stakes and posts, and for light demolition.

Warwood Cross Pein Sledges are available in both a 3 lb. size with a 16” handle for one-handed use in the shop and an 8 lb. size with a two-handed handle for heavier work.

Forged by American workers in our West Virginia shop from premium, U.S.-sourced high carbon steel, the Cross Pein Sledge, like all Warwood tools, embodies more than 150 years of tradition and pride.

  • Drop-forged, carbon steel head
  • Warwood Blue finish
  • Two weights
    • 3 lb. with choice of:
      • Head only
      • 16” American hickory handle
      • 16” American hickory handle with proprietary safety grip
      • 16” fiberglass handle
    • 8 lb. with choice of:
      • Head only
      • 32” American hickory handle
      • 32” American hickory handle with proprietary safety grip
      • 34” fiberglass handle
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