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Warwood Tool

Jimmy Wedge

Jimmy Wedge

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A thin, long wedge with a narrow angle and a straight, relatively fine tip, the versatile jimmy wedge has numerous uses. It can be used to lift or level machinery or other heavy items, to align workpieces for fastening or welding, to wedge pieces in place and to split apart mating surfaces like pipe flanges. Warwood Tool offers jimmy wedges in 10” and 14” lengths, both 1/2” thick and drop-forged from premium U.S. steel to provide a lifetime of heavy use. A smooth taper improves ease of use and a chamfered head resists mushrooming. Like all Warwood tools, the Jimmy Wedge is made one at a time by hardworking Americans in the same West Virginia shop we’ve worked in for more than a century.

  • Drop-forged, high carbon steel
  • Two sizes:
    • 10” Jimmy Wedge
      • 1/2” thick x 1-1/2” wide x 10” long
      • 2 lbs.
    • 14” Jimmy Wedge
      • 1/2” thick x 2” wide X 14” long
      • 3-1/3 lbs.
  • Warwood blue finish
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