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Mason Hammer

Mason Hammer

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Mason hammers are specialized stone working tools designed to split, trim, chip and shape stone, brick and concrete. On one end of the head is a rectangular striking face; on the other end is a beveled edge for scoring.

The Warwood Tool Mason Hammer is lighter weight with a thinner profile than our Stone Sledge, closer in shape to a hatchet than a hammer. The blade on the pein end is specifically designed for cutting score lines in stone and concrete and should never be used for striking.

Like all Warwood tools, our Mason Hammer is forged from premium U.S. steel by American craftsmen in West Virginia in the same way we’ve made tools since 1854.

  • Drop-forged, carbon steel head
  • Choose 3 lb. or 4 lb. head
  • Warwood Blue finish
  • Configurations
    • Tool only
    • 16” American hickory handle 
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