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One-of-a-Kind - 500 Layer Damascus 2.5 lb Hammer

One-of-a-Kind - 500 Layer Damascus 2.5 lb Hammer

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In a truly new take on our 100% USA-made tools forged in a drop-hammer, we have created the ultimate collector's sledgehammer featuring 500-layer Damascus forged by our owner in their Black Antler Blades forge. This Damascus billet was then meticulously forged in our 2.5 lb sledgehammer tooling on one of our early 1900's drop hammers. This sledge will be the first in a series of all-Damascus tools forged "the old way" in our 1905 forge shop. We chose the 2.5 lb hammer to kick this series off in order to pay homage to our Founder, Henry Warwood, who began his first Blacksmith shop in 1854. He forged hammers among other tools, and it was there that he built the foundations of what might just be America's Best Kept Secret: Warwood Tool Company.

This one-of-a-kind hammer has been paired with an exceptional Wenge wood handle from Central Africa. We chose Wenge wood because it has similar grain structure and strength to the classic American Hickory handle that we use on all our tools. Learn more about Wenge wood here.

For our very first Auction Tool, we will donate 20% of the entire Auction Price to local charities.

To follow along with how we made this hammer please check out the video we posted on Instagram and Facebook!

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