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Post Hole Digging/Tamping Bar

Post Hole Digging/Tamping Bar

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Sometimes called a Spud Bar, this powerful tool makes short work of digging holes in situations when a post hole digger just won’t work. The thick, heavy chisel point at one end cuts roots, breaks concrete, loosens hard soil and clay, and pries out rocks, while the mushroom head at the other tamps soil tightly back into holes. Thick, 1” round stock is easy on hands and provides the kind of heft needed to tackle the most challenging soils.

Like all Warwood tools, the Post Hole Digging/Tamping Bar is drop forged by American workers from premium, U.S.-sourced high carbon steel in the same West Virginia shop where we’ve crafted our tools for over a century.

  • Drop-forged, high carbon steel
  • 1” round stock
  • 2 sizes
    • 51” x 13 lbs.
    • 60” x 17 lbs.
  • Warwood Blue finish
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