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Ship Maul

Ship Maul

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A ship maul, also known as a top maul or pin maul, is lighter weight and easier to handle than a spike maul and originated as a tool for striking and driving pins, wedges, and spikes in wooden shipbuilding.

Ship mauls are also used in metal shipbuilding, railroad track maintenance, and blacksmithing, as well as for myriad other jobs. The 5 lb. head features a round, 2” striking face at one end and a smaller diameter striking face at the other. It is typically matched with a 32” handle, rather than the 36” handle used with spike mauls.

For more than a century, Warwood Tools have been forged in the same shop in Wheeling, West Virginia, by American workers from premium U.S. steel.

  • Drop-forged, carbon steel head
  • 5 lb. weight
  • 9” length
  • 2” diameter face
  • Handle choices
    • Tool only
    • 32” American hickory
    • 32” American hickory with proprietary safety grip
    • 34” fiberglass handle
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