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Slate Bar

Slate Bar

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The design of the traditional Slate Bar — or bent chisel digging bar — evolved to help workers loosen, lift and move slabs of stone in slate mines.

The tool combines an angled chisel end for scraping, prying, separating and lifting, with a diamond point for striking and breaking stone, concrete, tarmac or compacted or rocky soil. The bend in the chisel end provides a built-in fulcrum for lifting boulders and other heavy objects, while the 1” hex shaft adds heft and improves grip and strength.

Offered in five different lengths to suit a range of applications and users, the Warwood Tool Slate Bar is made the same way we’ve been making our tools since 1854 — forged one at a time from premium, high carbon U.S. steel by skilled American craftsmen.

  • Drop-forged, high carbon steel
  • 1” hex stock
  • 5 sizes
    • 2’ x 8 lbs.
    • 4’ x 11 lbs.
    • 4-1/2’ x 12-1/2 lbs.
    • 5’ x 14 lbs.
    • 6’ x 17 lbs.
  • Warwood Blue finish
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