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Slip-on Hickory Handles

Slip-on Hickory Handles

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These high-quality replacement slip-on tool handles for adzes and picks are crafted from premium American hickory for excellent shock absorption with traditional balance and feel. **Please note that handle purchases are non-refundable. Please email or call us if you need assistance finding the right handle.**


  • 36” straight for #6 eye
  • 36” straight for #7 eye
  • 36” straight for #10 eye
  • 34” adze curve for #11 eye
  • 39.5” Adze Slip-on Hickory Handle #11 eye
  • The 36” straight handle is available to fit #6, #7 and #10 eyes and is commonly used for picks, pick axes, mattocks and grub hoes.
  • The 34” and 39.5" adze handles are a curved handle designed for use with railroad track adzes and other adzes.
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