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Spike Maul Bell Pattern—Carbon

Spike Maul Bell Pattern—Carbon

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Forged from carbon steel instead of the Grade B Alloy specified by AREMA, our Carbon Steel Bell Pattern Spike Maul is otherwise identical to the Grade B version. Its primary use is driving railroad spikes and its elongated head allows striking on the opposite side of the rail.

The longer, smaller diameter side of the head is adapted for driving spikes over taller rails and in the narrow space between rails and highway crossing planks. The Carbon Steel Bell Pattern Spike Maul is available in both the 10 lb. and 8 lb. weights and with a variety of American hickory and fiberglass handles. We are proud to make tools one at a time from premium American steel in Wheeling, West Virginia.

  • Drop-forged, carbon steel head
  • 8 lb. or 10 lb. weight
  • 13-½” length
  • 1” and 1-½” diameter faces
  • Handle choices
    • Tool only
    • 36” American hickory
    • 36” American hickory with proprietary safety grip
    • 34” fiberglass handle
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