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Spike Maul Standard Pattern—Carbon

Spike Maul Standard Pattern—Carbon

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Quick Specs

  • Drop-forged, carbon steel head
  • 8 lb. or 10 lb. weight
  • 13-½” length
  • 1-1/4” and 3/4” faces
  • Handle choices
    • Tool only
    • 36” American hickory
    • 36” American hickory with proprietary safety grip
    • 34” fiberglass handle

Standard pattern spike mauls differ from the more widely used bell pattern mauls in that they are roughly square in cross section, rather than cylindrical like a bellow pattern maul. Like bell pattern mauls, though, they are designed for a single job: driving railroad spikes into ties. Although a variety of spiking machines have largely replaced hand tools, spike mauls are still widely used for spot work and to set spikes ahead of mechanical spikers. The Standard Pattern Spike Maul has a large 1-1/4” striking face and a smaller 3/4” striking face. Its head is 12” in length and is available in 8 lb. and 10 lb. weights. It can be purchased either by itself or with your choice of several fiberglass or American hickory handles. Since 1854, Warwood tools have been made in America to the highest standards from premium, U.S.-sourced steel.

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