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Spike Puller

Spike Puller

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When a railroad spike that needs to be removed either can’t be reached with a claw bar or doesn’t have enough space under the head to fit a claw bar, a Spike Puller is used to grip the head. The jaws of the Spike Puller are either slipped or pounded under the head of the spike with the Spike Puller’s shank vertical. Then a claw bar is slipped under one of the balls on the Spike Puller and used to pry both the spike puller and spike upward.

The Warwood Tool Spike Puller is made according to the most recent AREMA Plan #9 specifications, with a 3/4” jaw opening, a 12” shank and four balls for prying with a claw bar. Precision forged from premium U.S.-sourced high-carbon steel by American labor in our West Virginia shop, the Spike Puller is proudly made to last a lifetime or longer.

  • Drop-forged, high carbon steel
  • 3/4” jaw opening
  • 12” length
  • 2-1/2 lbs.
  • Warwood Blue finish
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