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Tie Plug Punch - Grade B

Tie Plug Punch - Grade B

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With a 1/2” square punch face, the Tie Plug Punch is designed specifically to work with tie plugs, the square, treated wood pegs used to fill the holes left in railroad ties when old spikes are pulled. Frequently, these plugs are set in old holes so that when a new spike is driven it will fit tightly.

The Tie Plug Punch is precision forged from AREMA-compliant Grade B alloy steel for exceptional tensile, shear and fatigue strength and is available with either a 24” or 36” American hickory handle.

Warwood has been supplying America’s rail industry with top quality track tools for more than 150 years, and we still forge them the same way we always have: one at a time, from premium U.S. steel, with hardworking American labor.

  • Drop-forged, Grade B alloy steel
  • 4 lbs.
  • 1/2” square punch face
  • Handle choices
    • Tool only
    • 24” American hickory
    • 24” American hickory with proprietary safety grip
    • 36” American hickory
    • 36” American hickory with proprietary safety grip
  • Clear lacquer finish
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